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My Life I Make - Revisited
It's Up To You

Spoken Word

“But destiny where it leads me I must go.”

Hard Road to Travel, Jimmy Cliff

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When a relationship ends, we can usually trace the path that led to its demise. It is said that “hindsight is 20/20 vision,” and many signs do not become clear until after the breakdown has occurred. Oftentimes it means that by the time we realise what is happening, it has already happened. Events become the markers that we use to identify the various stages of our lives. They are also evidence of the times when we change course in our life’s journey. Signals are everywhere, but too often we see what we want to see, rather than what is really there. Not all of us like change, and if we choose not to see these signals we don’t have to react at all - we try instead to get comfortable, even when our ‘gut’ is telling us otherwise. Many factors have influenced who we are, but where we end up and how we get there is of our own making.

Do not complicate your life with ‘should haves’ or ‘could haves.’ You are here now because of the decisions you made in the past. Pay attention to the events that surround you and affect your life from day to day. To travel on The Road of Life is really no different to any other road trip - if you misread the signs you will get lost. Thankfully, if you read them correctly and add some directions and guidance, you will arrive safely at your journey’s end. Whether you were destined to be at that point or not, is a whole other debate.

Focus on the destination.

“I feel like bombing a church, now that I know the preacher is lying.”

Talking Blues, Bob Marley

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From time to time mortals have been chosen by God to be spiritual guides for the rest of humanity. As we review biblical stories, it seems that individuals of both strong and weak moral fibre have been chosen to lead at various times throughout history. Yet, it is a sad commentary on our society that some of those who are there for our protection become the ones from whom we need to be protected. They distort the truth for their own selfish reasons and pass it on to the rest of us as fact. Lying destroys trust in any relationship, be it physical or spiritual. It matters little whether the ‘preacher’ comes from the church or from the political arena. If we believe the messenger is faulty, then we believe the message and its source to be faulty as well. The abuse of trust can make one’s thoughts violent enough to call for the destruction of any system that upholds lies.

Harmonise your life choices with your beliefs and trust that you will know the difference between right and wrong, truth and fiction. If you believe in the Universal Presence that is much greater than yourself, it will help you to discern where truth lies. Do not discard the messages you receive until you have checked them carefully, as it would be unwise to dismiss them simply because you believe the messenger to be untrustworthy.

Separate the message from the messenger.

“I’m starting with the man in the mirror”

Man in the Mirror, Michael Jackson

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A favorite refrain of a preacher in Garden Grove, California, was: “If it’s going to be, it’s up to me.” This means that whatever it is we hope to make of our lives, we have to take the first step in getting our show on the road. As we journey through life, there may be many who will assist us to achieve the goals we set for ourselves. Nobody can live our lives for us. Even if we get assistance, we must take the ultimate responsibility for the outcome – we cannot expect anyone else to assume this for us. Those of us who are closer to the end of our journey than the beginning, realize that help is more beneficial when we know the direction we want to take. The world cannot help us achieve what we want, if we have not yet decided what that is.

So often you think that life is not co-operating with you. Could it be that the problem lies with the person you see reflected in the mirror? That person is you. Could it be that you have not yet indicated the direction you want your life to take? Don’t think that by not making a decision you’re off the hook; you have in fact decided not to make one at this time. You need to reflect on yourself, and bring what you see into alignment with what you want to be.

Your journey begins with your first step.

"Promise me that you'll give faith a fighting chance"

I Hope You Dance, Lee Ann Womack

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When we live our lives with negativity, feeling as if our life is cursed, it's difficult for us and for those around us. Those who care to help us, feel helpless as we lock ourselves into a position that has no retreat strategy. The belief that we have no control, or that we function at the whim of luck, is a sad philosophy to live by. This also squanders many of the options our faith built into our survival kit. It displays a total lack of gratitude for the many opportunities that encourage change in our miserable status. How can we really ever get out of the pit of despair if we believe we deserve to stay there?

You wonder why you have no lasting friendships. Hasn't it occurred to you that people have enough of their own stress, and would not want to be contaminated by your toxic attitude? It takes a brave soul to remain in any relationship that is mired in misery and despair. If they stay, it's probably because they have given faith "a fighting chance" and believe that hope can survive. Your negativity has not brought you success, so maybe you should change your strategy and put your faith in a Power higher than yourself. At the very least, your results can't be any worse than the ones you've been getting.

Live with faith. You have nothing to lose.