In "Slices of Life" you will find amusing or thought-provoking anecdotes. These are actual occurrences, written as they are remembered, The "slices" stimulate the reader to reflect on the small incidents that we encounter each day.

A new "slice" will appear each week.

Nuff said!


The Picnic


The teenagers were all excited, as they were meeting their friends at a popular spot for a glorious picnic. The girls were careful to tell their parents only of the girls that were going to be there—not a word about the boys, which would have explained why they were packing so much food in the picnic baskets. The day went well. There were games, much laughter, and couples going for walks. At all times, someone was left at base to keep an eye on their belongings. The kids were in good spirits as they packed up to go home, however, soon after they arrived home the telephones started ringing. On the line were the parents of two sisters who had a most distressing tale to tell. The problem was that one of the sisters who attended the picnic, was en route to deliver tuition fees to an older sister at the university. The bearer had not been invited to the picnic—she had heard about it and decided to drop in. When she was ready to leave, her wallet with the money was missing. No one knew of any money, and she was probably trying to cover her own carelessness when she told the parents that one of the boys must have stolen it. The teens had to confess that boys had been at the picnic, and the parents demanded that the kids divulge all they knew about them, including their names and where they lived. The parents decided to deal with the kids’ deception at a later date, as the missing money was more urgent. Unfortunately for one boy, he was not know by the sisters, and as his address was in the ‘wrong’ part of town, it was decided he was the culprit. The parents of the sisters went to the boy’s home and told his parents their ugly story. His father, a man of wisdom and integrity, decided to replace the missing money, not because he thought his son was guilty, nor because it was the quickest way for this nasty accusation to be defused, but more so because the university student’s continued enrolment was at risk. The distressed, innocent boy learned later that his father had been saving to surprise him with a record player for his birthday. The entire incident left such a bad feeling because all involved knew the boy was as blameless as they were. It was a long time before any from that group planned another picnic. An incident like this causes one to really think twice before pointing a finger.


Nuff said!


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