My Life I Make – Revisited

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The premise behind this book is that Wisdom is all around us. It is in our daily conversations, it is in our classrooms, our playgrounds and even in the words to the songs we listen to everyday.

“My life I Make Revisited” is a book about capturing the knowledge around us, and putting it into our lives. The book is entertaining, whimsical, engaging and informative at the same time. A must read for fans of Reggae Music!

It’s Up to You

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In this book, I chose as a platform for my thoughts lyrics from popular music, including reggae. The lyrics are from songs that span several decades. I chose the title “It’s Up to You” because I firmly believe that whatever one gets from life is up to them.

“It’s Up to You” dispenses grass-roots reflections on life. It contains a common-sense philosophy that most of us know, but forget from time to time. If this book jogs your own wisdom about your life, then I am glad I chose to write it. This truly is philosophy ‘on the run.’

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