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Lauris Faith Beckford was born in Kingston, Jamaica, the seventh and last child of her parents. Her father was a strict, no-nonsense disciplinarian so, predictably, Lauris grew up in a home where discipline and respect for one another was the ‘law of the home’. By contrast, her mother was an understanding, caring, soft-spoken and gentle person who inculcated very strong Christian beliefs and practices.

Lauris attended Wolmer’s School for Girls, one of Jamaica ’s foremost high schools, where she received a broad-based, sterling education. She then attended and graduated from Montreal’s McGill University, with a B.A. in History and Psychology. Her marriage to a then-dental student at McGill produced two sons.

When the family returned to Jamaica, Lauris was employed in the Government service, where she gained significant life experience and sharpened her skills for rapid evaluation of people and situations. Twelve years after returning to the island, the family left again for Canada as migrants, settling in Toronto. Lauris eventually settled into the job of manager for her husband’s dental practice.

Lauris is an avid reader and ever-diligent student of Life. During all her years as office manager, the patients instinctively shared their ‘troubles’ with her and she dispensed insightful advice. The influence of her patients on how she views life is unmistakable.

After a period of estrangement from her younger son – which occurred during his university years – a wonderful reconciliation occurred. It was out of this new mother-son relationship that her literary skills blossomed and matured.

Her childhood (under her parents’ influence), her years in high school and university, and her motherhood all laid the foundations for her unique and insightful perspectives. But it is definitely her personal, contemporary “Prodigal Son” experience that has heightened her life-skills and sharpened her philosophy of life.