Philosophy is often a word reserved for grey-bearded men born in the 'B.C.' era. And even today, each of us has a personal philosophy of sorts -- even if we are not aware that we are using it. Philosophy and Life lessons are everywhere; they are in our conversations with friends, in our choice of foods, in our need to drive gas-guzzling vehicles, in our music-- they are in everything we do, and choose to do.

My books and this website are dedicated to the observation, pursuit, and discovery of life philosophies, whether hidden or obvious. Whether we want to believe it our not, we all have a life philosophy! Do you know what yours is? Would you recognize it if you saw it or heard it?

Throughout the pages of my books, and in my blog, you will see examples of my life philosophy, and in the video interviews on the site you will see many examples of other peoples' life philosophies. Hopefully these will help you to create and hone your own.

Nuff said!